Lara Torres

Fragment - 2008


Fragment 2'27'' , Berlin 2008, DVD, COL Concept|Direction: Lara Torres Costume Design: Lara Torres Performer: Franziska Winkler Production: Ming Wong Assistant: Christina Doerfler Editing and post-production: Daniel Barroca

The tank shirt had been produced for the Mimesis project and was presented in a fashion performance at the Lisbon Fashion Week in March 2008, where I felt that the piece had been neglected because the audience couldn’t perceive the frailty of the piece or the fact that it was breaking while being worn. During the Mimesis project, my practice began to underline the importance of trace, its meaningfulness towards deciphering working methods, like an archaeological dig. The need to document and archive the breaking piece led to a video document that is essentially a record of the garment ‘happening’ - breaking and falling apart. The video presents an image of a girl putting the garment on and then sitting on a chair, inducing the garment to crack and fall apart. The film is simple, with little editing, and the main focus is on the sound of the garment breaking. I have treated the video as a documentary record of both the live sound and image with almost no intervention or editing, focusing on recording the memory of an event.