Lara Torres

Studies for Mimesis - 2007

Studies for Mimesis


 On the threshold of garment as a functional object, the experiments gain a sculptural aspect. The proposal registers into the materials used the clothes' memory, considering each garment of each person’s history and its body marks. This project has a strong experimental and interdisciplinary nature that leads to new shape responses with the purpose of crystallizing, reproducing and materializing the ephemeral (object) and the intangible (memory).

Collaboration with Jeweller Catarina Dias for Mimesis


Conception and design Lara Torres in collaboration with Catarina Dias and Mário Nascimento Assistance: Débora Ribeiro and João Valente Hair Griffe-hairstyle Jewellery Catarina Dias and Lara Torres Music Simão Dias Press Helena Mendonça Production Nuno Sousa Special Thanks to Associação ModaLisboa, Telma Barrelas, Daniel Barroca, Filipa Duarte

Sponsors Elasticida, Juvenália e Sá, Melissa shoes

Support Instituto das Artes - Ministério da Cultura