Lara Torres

Wardrobe - 2011



Presented at the Lisbon Fashion Week October 2011

Wardrobe | Within Timeness

Creative Direction and concept Lara Torres Co-direction Hugo Rosado Performers Ana Santos, Andrea Brandão; Mafalda Franca Cinematography Hugo Rosado Assistant camera Helena Rodrigues Make up Sofia Lucas para Sónia Pessoa Hair Helena Vaz Pereira e Ana Fernandes para Griffe-hairstyle Thanks to Pedro Music Excerpts of Derek Bailey

Exhibition design João Rosa Thanks to Diogo Melo, Helena Mendonça, Pedro Fortes, Rita Salvador, Nuno Sousa, Vitor Torres

The problematic of the fashion designer today is about awareness regarding processes of production. The designer is not only the producer; he is responsible also for the fastness of the new mass-production processes and sourcing strategies. This requires a critical answer since these processes are being fast in eliminating the individual choice, workers rights and are damaging for both workers and consumers. I am currently looking at ways to keep the wearer aware to be able to safeguard his choice in clothing. My proposal for this Spring 2012 was to develop a kit wardrobe: season-less, neutral, unisex and plain - exploring clothing as repetition and sameness. This project meant to question the limits of fashion repeatability and lack of creative input due to the fastness of current fashion calendars.